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Future of the Datacenter is Software Defined

We live in the information age, and data management is key to the success of any business or enterprise. Data centers are basically computer servers linked to a network and used for distribution, processing and data storage. While the hardware is important, the future of the datacenter is software defined. The competition is stiff, but the following have set the standard for others to follow.


vArmour is a cloud security and data center company that puts emphasis on cloud security. Their software service includes multi-cloud enforcement, micro-segmentation and service chaining. Their software technologies are particularly helpful because it improves infrastructure utilization, compliance and minimizes attack surfaces.

The all-software subscription system also enables vArmour clients to integrate the latest features as soon as they are available. This software approach is more effective than hardware, because with hardware users have to make additional purchases.

vArmour datacenter programs also cover a wide range of functions including enhanced security and improved network gateway processing. Recently, vArmour has expanded its patent portfolio to better service clients and customers. The end goal of all these is to improve datacenter security, make it cost effective and scalable.

Other benefits of vArmour datacenter technology include:

  • Using virtual machines to better implement network service processing
  • Providing dynamic security for protection in virtual networks
  • Micro-segmentation with full context awareness
  • Offer customers high security and dependable cloud and storage datacenter services

The datacenter marketplace is undergoing a lot of changes, and vArmour ensures data receives optimum security. Furthermore, its overlay networking software is designed to work with datacenter network fine grained micro-segmentation. The end result of all this is a more secure data platform.

Due to the intricacy of today’s datacenters, they have to be compatible and used as cloud technology instead of old systems. For these reasons it is necessary for datacenter companies to innovate. This is the reason why vArmour puts emphasis on security for data applications. Since the company was established in 2011 it has become a pioneer in the development of datacenter technology.


Nutanix is a cloud datacenter company, and its Enterprise Cloud Platform concentrates on software mobility via the Acropolis App Mobility Fabric (AMF). The company’s approach is to provide the latest technologies and features that prevent applications from getting clogged in infrastructure platforms.

Their datacenter solutions also allow data and software to cross external clouds and environments, and it is this mobility that gives clients the flexibility to use public cloud services and on premise infrastructure as they see fit.

Workloads that are performance sensitive and based on systems like SAP, SQL and Oracle are operable in a datacenter. Under an enterprise datacenter, dynamic or elastic workloads can move to a public cloud service.  Nutanix also makes it possible for users to increase productivity and reap the benefits of public cloud, i.e. reduce cost.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform uses the latest Intel x86-based servers for storage, computing and scale out cluster virtualization. Their use of high end software also ends the need for silo servers and separate processes and management utilities.

Nutanix solutions allow for small and large scale data management and assists in infrastructure management, virtualization and storage. These features also allow IT companies to focus on workload and applications to propel their enterprise.

Other benefits of their datacenter software:

  • The Enterprise Cloud Platform provides superior IT experience by integrating Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization and VMware vSphere. Its Nutanix AHV provides clients with an effective solution for virtualization for enterprises. Furthermore, AHV makes datacenter stacking easier to implement.
  • Software Intelligence: Nutanix has 100% software-defined solutions, and they don’t depend on hardware for availability, performance and resilience. Because it’s software based, upgrades are easier and cost effective.
  • Data, operations and metadata are distributed on the cluster, reducing bottlenecks and allowing for better scalability.

Nuage Networks

Nuage Networks uses software-defined networking (SDN) solutions to provide automation across networks which are policy based. Components are also specially designed for datacenter optimization, automate remediation and security policies. These are also used for application defined WAN operations.

  • SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking): this solution provides cloud automation to remote locations over any network system. The Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) also offers WAN automation for service providers and enterprises to reduce cost.

SD-WAN makes it easy to produce an effective environment. With this integration, businesses will be able to optimize IT operations using different technologies and across different sites. The VNS also makes it possible to options for cloud integration deployment and increase capabilities and automation.

  • Cloud SDN: Cloud SDN provides datacenter solutions using an open architecture. By resolving the complexities virtual networks present, vendor lock-in is prevented and users have greater freedom of options. Furthermore, the Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) system allows for public, private and hybrid cloud policy driven automation.
  • Software Security: their system enhances security in cloud settings, at the same time minimizing operational complexity and cost. The VSS (Nuage Networks Virtualized Security Services) solution comes with an SDN framework.

Nuage Networks also provides other solutions for enterprises. Competition being what it is, end users expect a lot of from companies that provide cloud related services. The  company also makes sure IT flexibility is not affected and companies are able to meet client demands.

Nuage Networks SDN offers increased flexibility while reducing maintenance costs. As one of the leading providers of software datacenter solutions, their products cater to the needs of not just enterprises but providers as well. What makes their datacenter solution different is their SDN is flexible, open and offers customizability.

Nuage Networks also allows cloud design on different types of platform, regardless of provider or hardware. They also provide cloud automation from data to the wide area network.


It is impossible to overstress the importance of data centers in today’s world. As more and more people integrate work, leisure and other activities online, companies need to maintain and update data on a constant basis. With the technologies and software offered by companies like Nuage Network, vArmour and Nutanix, you’ll always be a step ahead.

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