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Two-thirds of executive leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive, according to Gartner’s Digital Enterprise 2020 survey. Which side of the digital divide are you on?
Reference:  Creating Digital Value at Scale: A Gartner Trend Insight

Gartner defines Digital Business as an organization or a unit within an organization whose product set and business model are only made possible using information and digital technology. 

Digital Business for us doesn’t mean incremental improvements using technology but enabling new revenue streams and business models that would be impossible to create and sustain without technology. Our Digital Enterprise Services focus on incremental improvements or Digital optimization.

At Kanoo Elite, we focus on two areas of Digital Business – Digital Experience and Data & Analytics. With the former, we aim to help businesses attract, engage and retain their customers through great digital experiences. With the latter, we endeavour to use data to help unearth growth opportunities and make data-driven critical decisions.
  • Digital Experience
  • Data & Analytics

Digital Experience

The span of digital touchpoints is increasing at a rapid pace. The experience that a customer has when interacting with digital systems decides whether the system and hence the business is a success. 

Businesses must create engaging experiences at each specific point of interaction while also ensuring that the combination of all touchpoints results in a compelling and cohesive experience for the organization.

Digital experience platforms are a vital technology in powering digital experiences and conversational AI.

Kanoo Elite focuses on two technology areas to help businesses provide superlative digital experiences to their customers.

  • Digital Experience Platforms
  • Conversational AI


Digital Experience Platforms

Digital Experience Platforms are an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences. Beyond mobiles apps and simple websites, organizations need to deliver highly contextualized experiences to a variety of modalities and channels across the customer journey and a variety of customers. Customers include suppliers, consumers, partners, employees, citizens and others and various use cases including B2B, B2C and B2E scenarios. 

Kanoo Elite helps you drive sales and growth to your business by providing a multi-channel and multi-platform experience. Our solution helps provide a personalized experience and allows marketers to track, measure and optimize investments using user data. 

Conversational AI

Businesses are increasingly using conversational AI for various use cases like customer service, IT Service Desk, human resources, sales support, commerce, marketing, enterprise software front ends, marketing and advisory services.

We work with conversational AI platforms to help you launch your omnichannel e-commerce chatbot right outside the box, increase your customer’s lifetime value by enriching their experience constantly and derive insights from natural language conversations at scale and implement executable strategies on the fly. 

Data & Analytics

As per Gartner’s 2019 CEO Survey, 82% of CEOs have a management initiative to make their companies more digital with 77% planning to increase investment in digital capabilities. Data and Analytics are at the heart of such endeavours.

Kanoo Elite uses the power of analytics to improve profitability, processes and increase the market share of businesses. We focus on the following dimensions of data.

  • Data Governance and Quality
  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Analytics

Data Governance and Quality

Effective data governance is a key challenge for enterprises. Quality of enterprise data has a direct bearing on the reliability and quality of decisions taken by businesses. Data Governance practices highlight the importance of data quality, consistency and access and define and adopt consistent data management processes, policies and definitions.

Common reasons for poor data quality include inconsistent definitions for common terms, siloed or conflicting data sources, multiple data touchpoints, duplicative records and changes to source systems.

Kanoo Elite assists our customers in identifying data quality problems, build a roadmap for fixing these problems and program manage the execution of the roadmap.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

The data warehouse has evolved over more than 30 years. Prior to its use, each application had its own reporting system, or maybe none at all. Businesspeople had nowhere to go to get a unified view of what was happening across the business.

The data warehouse solved several key problems:

  1. It could present data from across the enterprise in a standard format.
  2. It could hold a deep history of data, something individual applications could or would not do.
  3. As a separate system, it could be designed for analytics and be kept separate from the operational systems.

With the advent of large volumes of unstructured data, required logical integration of multiple types of servers to cover all workloads. Thus the modern data warehouse is an integration of multiple analytics systems.

Kanoo Elite’s team assists our customers in identifying data stores in the organization and get clean data into a warehouse for analysis.


As organizations go digital, they need to make more fact based decisions in a timely manner. Thus Analytics becomes a vital digital business enabler. 

Decision making is at the heat of Data and Analytics. Data needs to be captured, interpreted, modeled, contextualized and decisions taken to be executed. The feedback from execution starts a fresh cycle of analysis. A Data and Analytics platform is not some single entity that can be bought. it needs to be created by piecing together multiple tools and augmented with people, process, disciplines, skills, data literacy among others

Kanoo Elite helps set up analytics functions, technologies to help our customers draw insights from data and take appropriate decisions to grow their business. 

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