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Growing businesses need a trusted technology partner who can transform them by bringing in net new revenue or optimizing existing services and operations, all the while managing risks. We are excited to partner you on your transformation journey.

The pace of change that we see today is unprecedented. Increased customer expectations, modern ways of delivering services, innovation within enterprises and ability to draw insights from data – all enabled through technology provide an opportunity for our customers to thrive in these times. Such transformation requires business models to change, which in turn require us to change, expand or improve value propositions of customers. Introduction of technology brings in risks which need to be managed effectively to ensure the benefits of digital can be sustained.

Kanoo Elite is a GCC-based, world-class technology, consulting, and outsourcing firm leveraging deep technology expertise, strong industry experience, and a comprehensive portfolio of services. Our team of highly skilled professionals have over 4000 years of combined experience. We have had the honor of serving more than 650 businesses in the Middle East. We pride ourselves on our focus on process and innovation. Our design led approach to provide holistic services help customers achieve their objectives rather than take a piece meal technical implementation approach. 

Kanoo Elite provides our customers with services to help them provide better digital experiences to their customers, partners and employees.  We help manage and sustain digital operations to help our customers focus on their core business while we aid
their growth with our technical expertise.

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is rooted in Six Core Principles.​


We bring in a comprehensive outcome-based outlook for every service we offer. This means we look at what the customer wants to achieve and bring in the right process, technology and people intervention to help achieve that outcome. This goes beyond just a technology implementation. We envision the future with our customer and help them achieve that future.


We use optimal delivery practices, technology and skills to help customers achieve the envisaged future. This requires us to engage effectively with our customers and help them realize their vision.


Solutions once implemented need to be maintained to achieve and sustain planned outcomes. We handhold our customers during this stage and manage the evolution of the solution to meet desired outcomes.


We take a security first approach within the organizations where we manage multiple customers. We also take a security first approach when we envision and engage with our customers.


We believe in bringing in automation wherever possible. We take pride in automation our operations and also that of our customers.


There is a significant amount of data generated across areas both within our organization and also at our customers. We integrate analysis of data in our services to ensure better decision making and continuous improvement.

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