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Common Cyber Security Threats and the Best Ways to Keep Them at Bay

Almost every business across various industries and verticals are looking to embrace digital transformation these days. And it’s not without any reason. It’s true that the importance of going digital has increased manifold over the years. One of the main reasons behind this is that most of the consumers and customers are also moving toward digitization. Therefore, many organizations find it difficult to ignore the process of digital transformation for business. However, not all of them have already been able to complete the digital transformation for business. Besides, everything has not become too easy even for those organizations that have already been able to digitize their processes and operations.

Remember, digital transformation brings about multiple changes to the business. These changes include various modifications in the way the business functions, the integrated processes, and even, in some cases, a few of its deliverables. Therefore, the entrepreneurs must focus on these changes and make the business resilient enough to weather the possible challenges.

While concentrating on making the business appropriate for the changes that digitization brings about, it’s not always possible for the organizations to keep an eye on the aspect of risk management. However, this can cause some major problems for the business. More so, as the number of cyber crimes is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

Why You Should be Concerned with Cyber Security Threats?

As you continue working on your business, you expect it to expand significantly. This surely brings in more profit for you. However, this also increases the digital risks, as the attack surface of your business expands quite a bit. As a result, the chances of falling prey to third-party digital attacks that aim to get hold of sensitive business data. This is why, as an entrepreneur, in addition to completing all tasks related to digital transformation for business, you also need to focus on managing external as well as internal risks.

Types of Cyber Security Threats

As the world if moving toward a digital future, most of the businesses are going for digitization. This is because a digitized system ensures that the businesses have expanded customer base. This helps them to gain more profits than before. At the same time, it also opens the organizations up for various external attacks. When you’re taking your business digital, you must be ready to face and mitigate various cyber security threats. And being aware of different types of cyber security threats that your organization might face is surely going to give you an upper hand in your efforts to do away with the risks.

Computer Virus

If you’re using a computer, you must have heard about a virus. It infects a single computer and then causes damages to a network of systems that are connected to that computer. The viruses use the first computer where it enters as its host.

How to Fight?

One of the best ways to deter the entry of a virus is to use the firewall of your computer.


Do you receive suspicious instant messages or emails that contain clickable links or URLs?

Most of these messages try to lure you to clicking the links. However, if you click any of those links, you’re likely to be a victim of phishing. You are going to lose the credentials of your account and the accounts will be accessed by other people who are looking to hack into your business systems.

How to Fight?

It’s difficult to stop the emails that contain phishing links. However, you can be a little aware and refrain from clicking on any suspicious link in an email.


The threat of malware is becoming quite common these days. These are malicious software, which are used by cyber criminals. They apply the malware to attack the files on the systems of the victims. If your systems are attacked by a malware, you’re likely to lose access to important files. The hackers are going to keep the files in their control and return your access to them only if you pay them a ransom amount.

A malware first attacks the database systems and encrypts valuable data. The hackers also threat you of deleting the important files. The only way to stop them is by paying the ransomware.

How to Fight?

If you find your business systems slowing down suddenly, it can be a sign of a malware attack. The best thing that you can do is restart the system and get it scanned using a good antivirus software. Besides, you should also keep the firewall system functional.


Botnets are considered to be among the most dangerous external threats for any organization that is trying to create a digital presence. The botnets attack multiple computers, which are connected through a network. With infusion of the botnets in the business systems, hackers get access to your machines. Thus, they have all your sensitive and confidential business data at their disposal. Therefore, if they want they can use the data in whichever way they wish. Hackers infusing botnets in your business networks usually use these malicious things as ransonware and ask for money to free the systems.

How to Fight?

If you find any software to be infected by botnets, it’s wise to remove it complete. You can uninstall and reinstall the software afresh. Besides, you must also scan your computer and the network with an antivirus software after you’ve removed the botnet.


What happens when your computer network is infected with rootkit?

Hackers can access the systems from a remote location and use it the way they wish. They can steal the credentials, including the passwords, and perform monetary transactions from your systems. Besides, the hackers can also disable the antivirus of your system, thus making it vulnerable to other external attacks.

How to Fight?

The best way to keep your system safe is to update the antivirus software on a regular basis. You must install the patches as well to ensure that the antivirus has all the latest updates, which are required to fight any new type of rootkit.

Malicious Security Systems

Have you ever received a message or a pop-up on your computer saying that it is not protected as the software to protect it is not good enough?

Such messages usually ask you to install a new protective software, which is readily available.

The moment you click on any such message and accept their offer of installing a new software, they modify the security settings of your computer. As a result, you end up letting the malicious virus enter your system and network in the disguise of an antivirus software.

How to Fight?

It is always a good idea to avoid clicking on any message that asks you suddenly to install a new antivirus software. Refraining from clicking the malicious messages is going to help you keep your business systems safe and secure.

Summing It Up

In this digital business landscape, it is extremely important for any organization to secure any kind of data. Usually, the organizations work on loads of data. And many of these include sensitive data as well as confidential information about customers, competitors, and other stakeholders. Therefore, it is extremely important to secure the business systems from the attacks of malware or other external threats. This can be done if you have proper idea about the different types of security issues that threaten your business systems.

If you’re looking to keep your business systems safe, you must identify the type of external attack that your system is likely to experience. This helps you remain alert and keep the system secured using the right kinds of antivirus software and firewall systems.

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