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digital transformation

How is Big Data Analytics Playing a Major Role in a Culture of Digital Transformation of Business?

Digital transformation has become one of the most important steps that any business needs to undertake these days. In fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult for those businesses to survive that are not taking the digital route. Taking the digital route makes it easier for the businesses to reach out to more customers. Besides, it …

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cyber security threats

Common Cyber Security Threats and the Best Ways to Keep Them at Bay

Almost every business across various industries and verticals are looking to embrace digital transformation these days. And it’s not without any reason. It’s true that the importance of going digital has increased manifold over the years. One of the main reasons behind this is that most of the consumers and customers are also moving toward …

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Risk Management

Risk Management Overview

This guide describes how to manage risk, how it fits into each section of the SDLC, and how the risk management process is tied to the authorization (or authorization) process. Risk management involves three processes: risk assessment, risk reduction, and monitoring and evaluation. This guide outlines primarily risk reduction, which focuses on prioritizing, implementing, and …

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Server Security

Monitoring Server Security

After initially uninstalling the server, administrators need to maintain its security continuously. This section provides general recommendations for secure server management. Key functions include managing and analysing log files, performing regular server backups, recovering server crashes, frequent server security checks, and performing remote backup management. Security setting guidelines and checklists are publicly available on most …

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Sever Security

Sever Security Planning

Organizational servers provide a variety of services to internal and external users, and many servers also store or process sensitive organizational information. Some of the most common types of servers are the Web, email, website, infrastructure management, and file servers. This publication discusses common security issues of standard servers. Servers are often targeted by attackers …

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Data Quality

Essential Elements for Building an Effective Data Quality

Low data quality hurts business value, results in missed business opportunities and can represent risks in compliance requirements. According to a survey, 1 bad data quality costs medium-sized businesses an average of $ 9.5 million a year – making data errors more expensive for a business. This also presents negative impacts on efficiency, productivity, reliability, …

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Security Quality Assurance

Security Quality Assurance Through Penetration Testing

Security is a global problem. People need their knowledge and structures to protect themselves from vicious dangers and attacks. The framework must be protected internally and externally from illegal entry. Security quality assurance checks the app’s ability to protect itself from attack if anyone breaks the framework or logs into the app without permission. It …

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Office 365 Security

Understanding Security in Office 365

Tier 1 clouds from vendors like Microsoft are secure, but customers must use them securely. Because of the complexities in the various features that compose the Office 365 suite, leveraging the appropriate set of controls is challenging. Microsoft is adding new services and improving existing features in Office 365, but the company has not fully …

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Threat Intelligence

Security Threat Intelligence Products and Services

Threat Intelligence products and services provide information and information about security threats and other security related issues. The smart-guided steps provide information about the identities, motives, features, and methods of the threatening players and, most importantly, give you the options to apply this to your online security systems. This information is based on technical sources …

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Threat Management

Defining Threat Management Program

Many security teams face information divisions, which can lead to disagreements over security activities. And wherever they are, blind spots undermine the team’s ability to identify, protecting against responding to immediate security threats. Today’s dangers now include malicious computer programming, advanced progressive threats (APT), internal threats, and vulnerability to cloud-based computer services, beyond which antivirus …

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