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indoor location application

Indoor Location Application Platforms Guide

Indoor location application platform market consists of vendors that supply on-premises and cloud-based application platforms that ingest location data from indoor location services. These tools can consolidate and process the data for its use in wayfinding applications, location-based advertising and promotions, tag-based people tracking, real-time mobile asset tracking, as well as being able to track …

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Health System

Roadmap for the Real-Time Health System

Currently, Healthcare Organizations (HDOs) are undergoing a major transformation driven by ever-increasing technological advances and the pressure of cost-effective care delivery strategies. The top idea for many health care leaders is how to improve performance and improve care while also ensuring the use of time and resources. The answer is obvious: HDOs need to move …

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Building Blocks for Successful Digital Twin Design

Digital twins are an emerging class of enterprise software that generate insights about the state of things to produce actionable insights and better business outcomes. Most companies adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are implementing digital twins to improve situation awareness and automate business responses to changing conditions. But the task of implementing well-designed digital …

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Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

The Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) is a “workload security solution that addresses the different protection requirements” of the load in today’s business environment. Tasks for modern environments include portable servers, virtual machines (VMs), containers, and non-server loads. In this area, the protection of cloud workloads is very important. After all, any business could be …

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cloud security

Security Roadmap in the Public Cloud

As cloud becomes the new “normal,” we must examine the suitability of using “traditional” on-premises security capabilities in the cloud, as well as learn new cloud security best practices, to ensure cloud services are incorporated into the business in a secure and repeatable process. Securing cloud services involves more than just implementing security controls extending …

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Data Loss Prevention

Best Practices for Implementing DLP

Every organization, regardless of size or industry, needs a data loss prevention (DLP) strategy to prevent data from being improperly accessed or deleted. The strategy primarily focuses on the protection of valuable and sensitive data. DLP typically involves both technologies and policies. For example, common techniques include configuring user workstations to block the use of …

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