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Debarchan Maitra

Cyber Security

The Ultimate 10-Point Cyber Security Best Practices Checklist for Small Businesses

How difficult is it as an entrepreneur to run a small business? It’s not easy to comprehend for anyone who is not facing the challenges.  Yes, as an owner of a small business, you have to tread a path fraught with challenges. These include various types of obstacles that you need to overcome as a …

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Cybersecurity Framework

Ransomware Risk Management: A Cybersecurity Framework Profile

Ransomware is a type of malicious attack in which attackers write down organization data and demand payment to restore access. Attackers may also steal organizational information and demand additional compensation for not disclosing information to authorities, competitors, or the public. This Ransomware profile identifies Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.1 security goals that support identification, protection against, …

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Zero Trust Architecture

Planning a Zero Trust Architecture

Zero trust (ZT) is a set of principles on which the construction of information technology is planned, implemented, and implemented. ZT uses a holistic approach that considers all potential risks to a particular job or business process and how they are minimized. Thus, there is no specific infrastructure implementation or construction, but it depends on …

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Security metrics

Security Metrics Overview

Indeed, for an accurate assessment of network security and to provide adequate Cyber ​​Situational Awareness (CSA), simple but meaningful metrics – the focus of this guide – Safety Metrics are required. The saying, “immeasurable cannot be successfully controlled,” applies here. In addition to good metrics and compatible testing methods, security analysts and network operators can …

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risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation Overview

Risk reduction, the final risk management process, involves prioritizing, evaluating, and implementing appropriate risk mitigation controls recommended in the risk assessment process. Because the elimination of all risks is often impractical or almost impractical, it is the responsibility of senior executives and operational and business executives to adopt a cost-effective approach and use the most …

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Server Security

Server Operating System Security

Commonly found servers run on a standard purpose OS. Many security issues can be avoided if the OS under the servers is configured correctly. Because manufacturers do not know the security requirements of each organization, server managers need to configure new servers to reflect the security needs of their organization and redesign them as those …

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Security Operation Centre

Security Operation Centre Concepts & Implementation

SOC is defined as: “The combination of people, processes and technologies that protect the information systems of an organization through effective design and implementation, continuous monitoring of system status, detection of unintentional or unpleasant situations, and minimizing damage from unwanted consequences.” But there are many words that are often used interchangeably when people describe a …

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Vulnerability Management

Aligning Vulnerability Management Priorities

Vulnerabilities are the primary cause of most breaches. We should refocus our attention on how vulnerabilities are being managed and should track this metric to provide visibility as to how to reduce the biggest risks of being breached. The primary issue in vulnerability management is that organizations are not prioritizing their patching and mitigating controls, …

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